/ 5zIErEU; `zIro/ pron, det
0; one less than one; nought 0; 零: Five, four, three, two, one, zero. We have lift-off! 五﹑ 四﹑ 三﹑ 二﹑ 一﹑ 零. 我们升空了!
lowest point; nothing; nil 最低点; 没有; 无: Economic growth is at zero, ie is not increasing. 经济无增长. * Prospects of success in the talks were put at zero. 会谈没有成功的希望.
(a) point between plus (+) and minus () on a scale, esp on a thermometer (刻度上的)零点, 零位; (尤指温度计的)零度: The thermometer fell to zero lastnight. 昨夜温度计显示气温下降到零度. (b) temperature,pressure, etc that corresponds to zero on a scale (相当於零度的)温度﹑ 压力等: It was really cold last night ten degrees below zero, ie 10C, ten degrees belowthe freezing point of water. 昨夜真冷--零下十度(10C). =>Usage at nought 用法见nought.
(infml esp US) nothing at all; none 毫无; 没有: Politics has zero interest for me, ie I am not at all interested in it. 我对政治丝毫不感兴趣.
> zero n (pl ~s) the number 0 *0; 零; 零号.
zero v (phr v) zero in on sb/sth 1 aim guns, etc at or find the range of (a particular target) (将枪炮等)瞄准(某目标)或调整到(某目标的)射程. 2 (fig 比喻) fix attention on sb/sth; focus on sb/sth 将注意力集中於某人[某事物]; 将焦点调到某人[某事物]上: zero in on the key issues for discussion 把注意力集中到讨论的关键问题上来.
# zero `growth no increase at all 毫无增长: zero growthin industrial output, the economy, population 工业生产﹑ 经济﹑ 人口毫无增长.
`zero-hour n time when a military operation, an attack, etc is planned to start (部署的军事行动﹑ 攻击等的)开始时刻: Zero-hour is 3.30 am. 发动攻击的时刻是凌晨3时30分.
`zero-rated adj (of goods, services, etc) on which no value added tax is charged (指货物﹑ 服务等)免付增值税的.