/ 5w\:TI; `w[TI/ adj (-ier, -iest)
[pred 作表语] ~ of sth/to do sth deserving sth or to do sth 应得某事物; 值得做某事: Their efforts are worthy of your support.他们这样努力应得到你的支持. * a statement worthy of contempt 应该鄙弃的说法 * Her achievements are worthy of the highest praise. 她的成就值得给予最高赞赏. * She said she was not worthy to accept the honour they had offered her. 她说她不配接受他们给予的荣誉.
[usu attrib 通常作定语] (a) (approv 褒) deserving respect or consideration 值得尊敬的; 值得考虑的: a worthy cause 崇高的事业 * a worthy record of achievements 以往的突出的成就. (b) (usu joc 通常作戏谑语) (esp of a person) deserving respect or recognition (尤指人)应受到尊敬或赏识的: the worthy citizens of the town 该镇中应受敬重的市民.
[pred 作表语] ~ of sb/sth (usu approv 通常作褒义) (a) suitable for sth 适合於某事物: It was difficult to find words worthy of the occasion. 很难找到适合於那种场合的言词. (b) typical of sb/sth 某人[某事物]的典型: It was a performance worthy of a master. 那是大师的典型表演.
> worthily / -IlI; -IlI/ adv.
worthiness n [U].
worthy n (esp joc 尤作戏谑语) person of importance or distinction 要人; 俊杰: One of the local worthies has been invited to the ceremony 本地的一个大人物已被邀请参加典礼.
-worthy (forming compound adjs 用以构成复合形容词) deserving of or suitable for the thing specified 值得...的; 应...的; 适於...的: noteworthy * roadworthy.