/ 5wQndE(r); `wQndL/ n
(a) [U] feeling of surprise mixed with admiration, bewilderment or disbelief惊奇; 惊叹; 惊愕; 惊异: The children watched the conjuror in silent wonder. 孩子都一声不响惊奇地看着魔术师. * They were filled with wonder at the sight. 他们见此情景惊叹不已. (b) [C] thing or event that causes this feeling 令人感到惊奇的事物: the wonders of modern medicine 现代医学的奇迹 * the seven wonders of the world 世界七大奇观 * [attrib 作定语] a wonder drug, ie one that has extremely good, almost miraculous, effects 特效药.
(idm 习语) a chinless wonder => chinless (chin). do/work miracles/wonders (for sth) => miracle. it's a wonder (that)... it's surprising or puzzling (that)... 令人惊奇的是...; 莫名其妙的是...: It's a wonder (that) he continues to gamble when he always loses! 令人惊讶的是他一直输还一直赌! a nine days' wonder => day. no/little/small `wonder (that...) it is not/hardly surprising 这并不[不太]出奇: No wonder you were late! 难怪你来晚了! * Small wonder (that) he was so tired! 难怪他这麽累! ,wonders will ,never `cease (saying esp ironic 谚, 尤作反语) (expressing surprise and pleasure at sth, often sth trivial 用以对某事物表示惊喜,常指小事): `I've washed the car for you.' `Wonders will never cease!' ‘我替你把汽车擦洗了.’‘真是无奇不有!’
> wonder v
1 [I, Ipr, It, Tf] ~ (at sth) (fml 文) feel great surprise, admiration, etc; marvel 感到惊奇; 惊叹; 惊讶: He could do nothing but stand and wonder. 他只得惊奇地站着不动. * We wondered at the speed with which it arrived. 我们赞叹其到达速度之快. * I wonder (ie am amazed) (at the fact) that you weren't killed. 你竟未遇难, 令人称奇. * I wondered (ie was surprised) to hear her voice in the next room. 我听到隔壁传出她的声音, 十分惊讶.
2 (a) [I, Ipr] ~ (about sth) feel curious (about sth); ask oneself questions (对某事物)感到好奇; 自问; 自忖: There has been no news for a week and he is beginning to wonder. 已经一个星期没有消息了, 他渐渐觉得有些奇怪. * I was just wondering about that myself. 我就是觉得这件事莫名其妙. (b) [Tw] ask oneself 自问; 自忖: I wonder who he is. 我不知道他究竟是谁. * I wonder whether they will arrive on time. 我也不知道他们能不能准时到. * wondered what time it was, where to go, how long it would last, why he had left. 那时闹不清几点钟了﹑ 应该到哪儿去﹑ 那件事还要持续多久﹑ 他为什麽走了. (c) [Tw] (used as a polite way of introducing a request 用以提出要求, 为礼貌表达方式): I wonder if/whether you could... 请问您是否可以....
3 (idm 习语) I ,shouldn't `wonder (infml 口) I should not be surprised (to discover) 我觉得不足为奇: It's paid for with stolen money, I shouldn't wonder. 那是用偷来的钱支付的, 我觉得这并不奇怪.
wonderful / -fl; -fEl/ adj (a) causing wonder; very surprising 令人惊奇的; 意想不到的: It's wonderful that they managed to escape. 令人惊奇的是他们居然设法逃跑了. * The child's skill is wonderful for his age. 这个孩子小小年纪, 技巧令人称奇. (b) very good or admirable 极好的; 奇妙的; 了不起的: The weather is wonderful. 天气好极了. * She is a wonderful mother. 她是个了不起的母亲. * a wonderful opportunity 绝妙的机会. wonderfully/-fElI; -fElI/ adv (a) surprisingly 令人惊奇地: She is wonderfully active for her age. 她年纪那麽大活跃得不得了. (b) extremely; admirably 极度地; 赞叹地: Their life together has been wonderfully happy. 他们在一起的生活极为幸福.
wonderingly / 5wQndrINlI; `wQndrINlI/ adv: `Where did this come from?' she said wonderingly. ‘这是从哪儿来的?’她吃惊地问.
wonderment n [U] pleasant amazement 惊喜: She gasped in wonderment at her good luck. 她运气这样好, 惊奇地倒抽了一口凉气.
wondrous / 5wQndrEs; `wQndrEs/ adj (arch or fml 古或文) wonderful 令人惊奇的; 意想不到的; 极好的; 奇妙的; 了不起的: a wondrous sight 奇妙的情景. wondrouslyadv.
# `wonderland / -lAnd; -9lAnd/ n (usu sing 通常作单数) land or place full of marvels or wonderful things 有许多奇妙事物的地方.