/ 5wIdEU; `wIdo/ n woman whose husband has died and who has not married again 寡妇; 孀妇: She has been a widow for ten years. 她守寡十年了. * He married his brother's widow. 他娶了他哥哥的遗孀.
> widow v [Tn esp passive 尤用於被动语态] cause (sb) to become a widow or widower 使(某人)成寡妇或鳏夫: She was widowed at an early age. 她年轻时就成了寡妇. * Many people were widowed by the war. 很多人因战乱丧偶.
`widowhood n [U] state or time of being a widow 守寡; 孀居.