/ hu:5evE(r); hu`ZvL/ pron
the person who ...的那个人: Whoever says that is a liar. 说那话的人是个骗子. * You're responsible to whoever is in charge of sales. 你要向主管销售的人负责.
regardless of who 无论谁: Whoever wants to speak to me on the phone, tell them I'm busy. 不管谁要我接电话, 就说我现在正忙着呢. * Tell whoever you like it makes no difference to me. 你愿意告诉谁就告诉谁--对我来说都无所谓.
> whoever interrog pron (expressing surprise 用以表示惊讶) who (究竟)谁: Whoever heard of such a thing! 谁听说过这种事!