2 / wIp; [email protected] hwIp; hwIp/ v (-pp-)
[Tn] strike (a person or an animal) with a whip, esp as a punishment 鞭打(人或动物)(尤指作为惩罚); 鞭笞: The culprit will be whipped when he is found. 那个罪犯找到後就要挨鞭子抽打.
[Tn, Tn.pr, Tn.p] ~ sth (up) (into sth) stir (eggs, cream, etc) rapidly with a fork or some other instrument in order to make a stiff light mass 搅打(蛋﹑ 奶油等): coffee with whipped cream 加入搅打奶油的咖啡 * Whip the ingredients (up) into a smooth paste. 把配料搅打成均匀的糊状.
[Tn] (Brit infml 口) steal (sth) 偷(某物): Who's whipped my umbrella? 谁把我的伞偷走了?
[Ipr, Ip, Tn.pr, Tn.p] (cause sb/sth to) move rapidly or suddenly in the direction specified (使某人[某物])沿某方向快速或突然移动: The thief whipped round the corner and out of sight. 那个贼一溜烟儿转过街角就看不见了. * She whipped round just as he was about to attack her from behind. 他正要从她後面袭击她, 她一下子转过身来. * The branch whipped back and hit me in the face. 那树枝突然弹回打在我的脸上. * The intruder whipped out a knife (from his pocket). 闯进来的人突然(从他的衣袋里)掏出一把刀来. * The wind whipped several slates off (the roof). 那阵风(从屋顶上)刮下几块瓦来. * The star was whipped into a fast car and driven off. 那个明星迅速上了一辆汽车疾驶而去.
[Tn](a) sew (a seam, piece of cloth, etc) with stitches that pass over the edge, esp in order to prevent fraying 锁缝(布等的边)(尤指为防止脱线). (b) bind (a stitch, the end of a rope, etc) with a close tight covering of thread or string (用线或绳)将(缝线﹑ 绳索末端等)缠紧.
(phr v) whip sb/sth on drive sb to go faster, work harder, etc; make (an animal) go faster by striking it with a whip 鞭策﹑ 驱使或督促某人快走﹑ 努力等; 用鞭子抽打(动物)使之快走. whip sth/sb up (a) create(excitement, enthusiasm, etc) in people or cause (people) to be enthusiastic, etc; arouse 激发(情绪﹑ 热情等); 激励(人们); 唤起: They're trying to whip up support for their candidate. 他们竭力激励大家支持他们的候选人. * The people were whipped up into a frenzy by the speaker. 人们听了演说人的话群情激奋. (b) (infml 口) prepare (a meal, etc) very quickly 匆匆做(饭等): I can easily whip you up some scrambled eggs. 我马上就能给你炒点鸡蛋.
> whipping n [C, U] (instance of) being beaten with a whip as a punishment 鞭打(作为惩罚). `whipping-boy n person who is regularly made to take the blame and punishment for the faults of others; scapegoat 经常代人受过的人; 替罪羊: I am tired of being used as the whipping-boy for all the mistakes that are made in the office. 办公室里一出差错就让我背黑锅, 我已经忍无可忍了. `whipping cream cream that is suitable for whipping (whip2) 可供搅打的奶油.
# `whip-round n (Brit infml 口) appeal for contributions from a group of people 募捐; 凑份子: a whip-round for (a Christmas present for) the office cleaners 为办公室清洁工凑份子(买圣诞礼物).