1 / wIp; [email protected] hwIp; hwIp/ n
[C] length of cord or strip of leather fastened to a handle, used esp for urging on an animal (esp a horse) or for striking a person or an animal as a punishment 鞭子. Cf 参看 horsewhip (horse).
[C] (a) (in Britain and the US) official of a political party who has the authority to maintain discipline among its members, esp to make them attend and vote in important government debates (英国和美国的)政党的纪律委员(尤指敦促党员出席政府重要辩论会进行投票者). (b) instructions given by this official 党纪委员发出的指令: a ,three-line (ie very urgent) `whip 要求本党议员出席辩论并按指示投票的紧急书面通知.
[C] = whipper-in.
[C, U] dish of whipped cream, eggs, etc with fruit or other flavouring 搅拌的奶油﹑ 蛋等加水果或其他调料制成的甜食: caramel, chocolate, strawberry, etc whip 焦糖﹑ 巧克力﹑ 草莓...奶油甜品.
(idm 习语) a fair crack of the whip => fair1. get, have, hold, etc the `whip hand (over sb) be in a position where one has power or control (over sb) 位居控制(某人)的地位: Their opponents had the whip hand and it was useless to resist. 他们因对手权柄在握, 反抗也没用.
> whippy adj flexible; springy 易弯曲的; 有弹性的: a whippy cane 有弹力的藤条.
# `whipcord n [U]
1 type of strong, tightly twisted cord used for making whips, etc 鞭绳.
2 type of hard-wearing worsted fabric 马裤呢.
`whiplash n lash of a whip 鞭打. `whiplash injury injury to the neck caused by a sudden jerk of the head (as in a collision) 鞭子式损伤, 颈椎过度屈伸损伤(如撞车事故造成的).