/ wi:t; [email protected] hwi:t; hwit/ n [U]
(a) grain from which flour (for bread, etc) is made 小麦(子实): a tonne of wheat 一吨小麦 * [attrib 作定语] wheat loaves 白面的面包. (b) plant that produces this 小麦(草本植物): a field of wheat 麦田 * [attrib 作定语] wheat farming种植小麦. =>illus at cereal 见cereal插图.
(idm 习语) separate the wheat from the chaff => separate2.
> wheaten / 5wi:tn; [email protected] 5hwi:-; `hwitn/ adj [usu attrib 通常作定语] made from wheat 小麦做的: wheaten bread, cakes, flour 小麦制的面包﹑ 蛋糕﹑ 面粉.
# `wheatcake n (US) pancake made with whole wheat flour 全麦粉做的饼.
`wheat germ centre of the wheat grain, extracted during milling, which is a rich source of vitamins 小麦胚芽(磨麦时提取的, 含丰富维生素).
`wheatmeal n [U] wholemeal flour made from wheat 全麦面粉.