/ wi:d; wid/ n
(a) [C] wild plant growing where it is not wanted, esp among crops or garden plants 野草,杂草(尤指庄稼地里的或园中的): The garden is overgrown with weeds. 这个园子里长了许多野草. * She spent the afternoon pulling up the weeds in the flowerbeds. 她用整个下午的时间拔除花坛中的杂草. (b) [U] any of several plants without flowers that grow in water and form a green, floating mass 水草: The pond is full of weed. 这个池塘里长满了水草.
[C] (infml derog 口, 贬) (a) thin weak-looking person 瘦弱的人. (b) person who has a weak character 懦弱的人: Don't be such a weed! 别这麽懦弱!
(infml 口) (a) [sing] (usu 通常作 the weed) (dated or joc 旧或谑) tobacco or cigarettes 烟草; 香烟: I wish I could give up the weed, ie stop smoking. 但愿我能把烟戒掉. (b) [U] marijuana 大麻烟.
> weed v
1 [I, Tn] take out weeds from (the ground) 除去(地面)的杂草: I've been busy weeding (in) the garden.我一直在园子里忙着除杂草.
2 (phr v) weed sth/sb out remove or get rid of (people or things that are not wanted) from amongst others that are valuable 除去,剔除, 淘汰(不需要的人或物): weed out the weakest saplings 摘除最差的树苗 * weed out the herd, ie get rid of inferior animals 剔除兽群中的不好的 * The new conductor started by weeding out the weaker players in the orchestra. 管弦乐队新来的指挥一上任就先把较差的演奏人员清除出去了.
weedy adj (-ier, -iest) (a) full of or overgrown with weeds (weed 1a) 多杂草的; 长满野草的. (b) (infml derog 口, 贬) thin and weak-looking 瘦弱的: a weedy young man 瘦弱的年轻男子.
# `weed-killer n [C, U] substance that destroys weeds 除草剂; 除莠剂: a systematic weed-killer 分类除草剂.