/ wi:v; wiv/ v (pt wove / wEUv; wov/ or in sense 4 用於下述第4义时作 weaved, pp woven / 5wEUvn;`wovEn/ or in sense 4 用於下述第4义时作 weaved)
(a) [Tn, Tn.pr] ~ sth (from sth) make (fabric, etc) by passing threads or strips crosswise over and under lengthwise ones, by hand or on a machine (用手工或机 器)编, 织(织物等): a tightly woven piece of cloth 织得很密的布 * cloth woven from silk and wool 用丝与毛混纺的料子 * weave a metre of tweed cloth 织一米花呢 * weave a basket from strips of willow 用柳条编个篮子. (b) [I] work at a loom, making fabric, etc 纺织; 编织: She had been taught to weave as a child. 她从小就学会了织布. * The women earn their living by weaving. 这些女子以纺织为生. (c) [Tn, Tn.pr, Tn.p] ~ sth (into sth) form fabric, etc out of (threads) by weaving 用(线)织成织物: weave woollen yarn into cloth 用毛纱织成呢 * weave threads together 用线织成.
(a) [Tn.pr, Tn.p] ~ sth (into sth) twist (flowers, twigs, etc) together to make a garland, wreath, etc 用(花﹑ 枝条等)编成花环﹑ 花圈等. (b) [Tn, Tn.pr] ~ sth (out of/from sth) make sth by twisting flowers, etc in this way 用花等编成某物: weave a garland out of primroses 用报春花编成花环.
[Tn, Tn.pr] ~ sth (into sth) (fig 比喻) put (facts, events, etc) together into a story or a connected whole; compose 将(素材﹑ 事情等)编成(故事或篇章); 编造: weave a plot, a magic spell 编造情节﹑ 符籙 * weave one's ideas into a story 把自己的构思编成故事.
[Ipr, Ip, Tn.pr, Tn.p] move along by twisting and turning to avoid obstructions, etc 迂回行进(以避开障碍等): weave (one's way) through a crowd 在人群中迂回前行 * The road weaves through the range of hills. 这条路在群山中绕来绕去. * weave in and out through the traffic 在来往车辆中穿插而行.
(idm 习语) get `weaving (on sth) (Brit infml 口) start working (at sth) energetically or hurriedly 精力充沛地或匆忙地开始做(某物): The work must be finished this week, so we'd better get weaving!这项工作本星期必须做完, 咱们最好动手干吧!
> weave n way in which material is woven; style of weaving 编法; 织法; 编织式样: a coarse, fine, loose, tight, etc weave 粗织﹑ 细织﹑ 松织﹑ 密织 * a diagonal weave 斜纹.
weaver n
1 person whose job is weaving cloth 织布工.
2 (also `weaver-bird) tropical bird that makes its nest by tightly weaving together leaves, grass, twigs, etc 织布鸟(产於热带).