/ wR:n; wRrn/ v
(a) [Tn, Tn.pr, Dn.f, Dn.w] ~ sb (of sth) give sb notice of sth, esp possible danger or unpleasant consequences; inform sb in advance of what may happen 提醒某人(尤指可能有危险的或有不良後果的事); 预先通知某人; 警告: `Mind the step,' she warned. ‘小心脚底下,’她提醒道. * I tried to warn him, but he wouldn't listen. 我事先跟他说过, 可他就是不听. * She has been warned of the danger of driving the car in that state. 已经告诉过她, 汽车这个样子开起来有危险. * The police are warning (motorists) of possible delays. 警方通知(驾驶汽车的人)交通可能受阻. * If you warn me in advance, I will have your order ready for you. 你若预先通知我, 我就能给您准备好了. * They warned her that if she did it again she would be sent to prison. 他们警告她说她再这麽干就把她关进监狱. * I had been warned what to expect. 事先已经告诉过我要出这种事.(b) [Tn.pr] ~ sb about/against sb/sth; ~ sb against doing sth put sb on his guard against sb/sth 让某人警惕或提防某人[某事物]: He warned us against pickpockets. 他告诉我们要小心扒手. * The police have warned shopkeepers about the forged banknotes. 警方已通知各店主留意伪钞. * The doctor warned us against overtiring the patient. 医生让我们注意病人不可过劳. (c) [Dn.t] advise sb (not) to do sth 建议或劝告某人(不要)做某事: They were warned not to climb the mountain in such bad weather. 已经劝过他们天气这麽坏不要攀登那座山. * She warned them to be careful. 她告诉他们务必小心.
(phr v) warn sb off (sth/doing sth) give sb notice that he must go or stay away, eg from private property 通知某人离开或不要接触(如私人的地方): I had been warned off visiting her while she was still unwell. 已经告诉我她还没好不要去看她.
> warning n
1 [C] statement, event, etc that warns 提醒或警告的言语或事情: She has received a written warning about her conduct. 她已接获对她操行的书面警告. * Her warnings were ignored. 她提出的警告没有引起注意. * a gale warning to shipping 向船只发出的大风警告 * Let that be a warning to you, ie Let that (accident, misfortune, etc) teach you to be more careful in future. 你要把这件事引为鉴戒. * a warning of future difficulties 将有重重困难的先兆 * [attrib 作定语] warning lights, shots 示警的灯﹑ 枪声.
2 [U] act of warning or state of being warned 提醒; 警告: The attack occurred without (advance) warning, ie unexpectedly. 没有(预先)警告就发动了攻击. * You should take warning from (ie be warned by) what happened to me. 你应以我的事情引为鉴戒. * The speaker sounded a note of warning, ie spoke of possible danger. 那个演讲的人提出有可能发生危险.