2 / wR:m; wRrm/ v
[I, Ip, Tn, Tn.p] ~ (sth/sb) (up) (cause sth/sb to) become warm or warmer (使某物[某人])温暖, 暖和: a warming drink 使人暖和的饮料 * The milk is warming (up) on the stove. 牛奶在炉子上热着呢. * Please warm (up) the milk. 请把牛奶热一热. * warm oneself/one's hands by the fire 烤火[].
(idm 习语) warm the `cockles (of sb's `heart) make sb feel pleased or happy 使某人愉快或高兴.
(phr v) warm sth over (US) (a) reheat (food); warm sth up 熥(食物); 将某物加热. (b) bring out (old ideas, etc) without adding anything new 重提(旧意见等); 炒冷饭; 旧调重弹. warm to/towards sb begin to like sb 喜欢上某人: I warmed to her immediately. 我立即喜欢上她了. * He's not somebody one warms to easily.他不是容易讨人喜欢的人. warm to/towards sth become more interested in or enthusiastic about (a job, subject, task, etc); like sth more 对(某工作﹑ 问题﹑ 任务等)更有兴趣或更热心; 更加喜欢某事物. warm up(a) prepare for athletic exercise, dancing, playing the piano, etc by practising gently beforehand (运动﹑ 跳舞﹑ 弹琴等之前)做准备活动. (b) (of a machine, engine, etc) run for a short time in order to reach the temperature at which it will operate efficiently (指机器﹑ 发动机等)预热. warm (sb/sth) up (cause sb/sth to) become more lively (使某人[某事物])更活跃: warm up an audience with a few jokes 说几个笑话使观众活跃起来 * The party soon warmed up. 这个聚会的气氛很快就活跃起来了. warm sth up reheat (previously cooked food) 熥(食物): warmed-up stew 熥好了的炖菜.
> warmer n (esp in compounds 尤用以构成复合词) thing that warms 加热器: a foot-warmer 暖脚器.
# `warming-pan n round metal pan with a lid and a long handle, formerly filled with hot coals and used to warm a bed 暖床器(有盖长柄金属火盆, 旧时盛热煤炭暖床用).
`warm-up n act or period of preparing for a game, performance, etc by practising gently (比赛﹑ 表演等前的)准备练习.