1 / wR:m; wRrm/ adj (-er, -est)
(a) of or at a fairly high temperature, between cool and hot 温暖的; 暖和的: The weather is a bit warmer today. 今天暖和一点儿了. * gusts of warm air 一阵阵温暖的空气 * Food for a baby should be warm, not hot. 给婴儿吃的东西应该是温的, 不能是烫的. (b) (of a person) having the normal body temperature, or a raised skin temperature (because of exercise, air temperature or excitement) (指人)体温正常的; (因运动﹑ 气温或激动)皮肤发热的: The patient must be kept warm. 这个病人须保持正常体温. * Come and get warm by the fire. 来烤烤火暖和暖和. * I'm much too warm in here please open the window. 我觉得这儿太热了--请把窗户打开. * have warm hands and feet 手脚都很热. (c) (of clothing) that keeps the body from becoming cold (指衣物)保暖的: a warm pullover 暖和的套头毛衣 * Put on your warmest clothes before you go out in the snow. 下雪天外出要穿上最暖和的衣服. (d) (of work, exercise, etc) causing a feeling of heat (指工作﹑ 运动等)使人感到热的: Sawing logs is warm work. 锯原木这工作干起来浑身发热. * It was a warm climb to the summit. 向顶峰攀登时身上都热起来了. Cf 参看 cold1, hot.
showing enthusiasm; hearty 热情的; 热心的: warm applause, congratulations, thanks 热诚的掌声﹑ 祝贺﹑ 感谢 * a warm recommendation热情的推荐 * give sb a warm welcome 热烈欢迎某人* a warm invitation to stay with sb 热情邀请与某人同住 * get a warm (ie strongly welcoming or hostile)reception 受到怀着激情的对待(热烈欢迎或强烈敌意).
sympathetic or affectionate 同情的; 示爱的: She is a warm kindly person. 她是个和蔼可亲的人. * He has a warm heart. 他心肠热. * warm feelings of love and gratitude 热爱与感激之情.
(of colours, sounds, etc) pleasantly suggesting warmth (指颜色﹑ 声音等)暖调的: The room was furnished in warm reds and browns. 这个房间是用红色和棕色装饰的暖色调. * The orchestra had a distinctively warm and mellow sound. 这个管弦乐队演奏的特色是声音优美柔和.
(a) (of a scent in hunting) recently made and easily followed by the hounds; fresh (指猎物的气味)不久前留下的(猎犬容易跟踪的), 新鲜的. (b) [pred 作表语] (in a guessing game or game of hide-and-seek) near to the object, word, etc that is being looked for (在猜谜或捉迷藏游戏中)将要猜中, 接近目标: You're getting warm. 你猜得差不多了. * Am I getting warmer? 我是不是离要找的目标更近了?
(idm 习语) keep sb's `seat, etc warm(for him) (infml 口) occupy a seat, post, etc temporarily so that it is available for sb later 为某人占坐位﹑ 暂留职位等. make it/things warm for sb (infml 口) make things unpleasant or make trouble for sb; punish sb 刁 难某人; 找某人的麻烦; 整某人; 惩罚某人. (as) warm as `toast (infml 口) very warm; pleasantly warm 十分温暖; 暖洋洋: We lit the fire and were soon as warm as toast. 我们生起了火, 很快就觉得暖烘烘的了.
> warmly adv in a warm manner 温暖地; 暖和地; 热情地; 热烈地: warmly dressed 穿得很暖和 * He thanked us all warmly. 他衷心地感谢我们大家. * I can warmly recommend it. 我诚心诚意推荐它.
warmth / wR:mW; wRrmW/ n [U] (a) (also warmness) state of being warm 温暖; 暖和: the warmth of the climate气候之温暖. (b) moderate heat 适当的热度: Warmth is needed for the seeds to germinate. 种子发芽需要适当的温度. (c) strength of feeling 感情的强度: He was touched by the warmth of their welcome. 他受到他们热情欢迎, 十分感动. * She denied the accusation with some warmth, ie strenuously, forcefully. 她有些激动, 竭力否认这一指责.
# ,warm-`blooded adj (a) (of animals) having a constant blood temperature (in the range 36C-42C); not cold-blooded like snakes, etc (指动物)温血的(在36C-42C之间, 与蛇类等冷血动物不同的). (b) (of a person) having feelings, passions, etc that are easily roused; ardent (指人)容易动感情的, 热心的, 热情的.
,warm-`hearted adj kind and sympathetic 热心肠的. ,warm-`heartedness n [U].