/ wR:d; wRrd/ n
separate part or room in a hospital for a particular group of patients 病房: a children's, maternity, surgical ward 儿科﹑ 产科﹑ 外科病房 * a public/private ward 普通[单人]病房.
division of a city, etc that elects and is represented by a councillor in local government (城市的)区(可选出一名地方议员的): There are three candidates standing for election in this ward. 这一区里有三名候选人参加竞选.
person, esp a child, who is under the care of a guardian or the protection of a lawcourt 由监护人或法院保护的人(尤指儿童): She invested the money on behalf of her ward. 她代表受她监护的人投资. * The child was made a ward of court. 那个孩子由法院监护.
(usu pl 通常作复数) any one of the notches or projections in a key or lock (designed to prevent the lock being opened by any key except the right one) (钥匙或锁中的)一个凹处或凸处.
(idm 习语) a ,ward in `chancery (in Britain) person, usu a child, whose affairs are looked after by the Lord Chancellor (eg because of the death of the ward's parents)(英国)由大法官监护的人(尤指儿童, 如因其父母去世).
> ward v (phr v) ward sb/sth off keep away (sb/sth that is dangerous or unpleasant); fend sb/sth off 避开(危险的或讨厌的人[事物]); 挡开某人[某事物]: ward off blows, disease, danger, intruders 避开打击﹑ 疾病﹑ 危险﹑ 闯入者.