(Brit also waggon) / 5wAgEn; `wA^En/ n
four-wheeled vehicle for carrying heavy loads, usu pulled by horses or oxen (四轮的)货车(通常为牛马拉的). Cf 参看 cart.
(US freight car) open railway truck (eg for carrying coal) (铁路的)敞篷货车(如运煤的): a train with passenger coaches and goods wagons 挂有客车和货车的列车.
trolley used for carrying food, esp tea, etc (送食物的)小手推车(尤指送茶点的).
(idm 习语) on the `wagon (infml 口) no longer drinking alcoholic drinks; teetotal 戒酒: be/go on the wagon 戒酒.
> wagoner (Brit also waggoner) n person in charge of a wagon(1) and its horses (四轮货车的)马车夫.