1 / 5vClEntrI; [email protected] -terI; `vBlEn9tZrI/ adj
acting,done or given willingly 自愿的; 自动的; 主动的: The prisonermade a voluntary statement. 那个犯人主动地做了供述. * Attendance is purely voluntary. 这次出席纯粹是自愿的. * Charities rely on voluntary donations/contributions. 慈善事业依靠自愿捐赠. * The firm went into voluntary liquidation. 那家商号自动停业清算债务.
working, done or maintained without payment 志愿的; 无偿的; 义务的: voluntary helpers, eg at a fete, bazaar, etc 志愿的帮手(如在义卖会﹑ 义卖场等) * She does voluntary social work. 她从事义务社会工作. * The organization is run on a voluntary basis. 这个组织是由志愿人员管理的. * a voluntary service, institution, centre, etc 义务性的服务﹑ 机构﹑ 中心等.
(of bodily or muscular movements) controlled by the will (指身体活动或肌肉运动)由意志控制的, 随意的. Cf 参看 involuntary.
> voluntarily / 5vClEntrElI; [email protected] 9vClEn5terElI; 9vBlEn`tZrElI/ adv
1 without compulsion; willingly 自愿地; 自动地; 主动地.
2 without payment; free of charge 志愿地; 无偿地; 义务地.