/ 5vEUkl; `vokl/ adj
[usu attrib 通常作定语] of, for or uttered by the voice 嗓音的; 适於嗓音的; 用口语表达的: the vocal organs, ie the tongue, lips, vocal cords, etc 发音器官(舌﹑ 唇﹑ 声带等) * The cantata has a difficult vocal score. 这个康塔塔有个难度很大的声乐总谱. * Callas's vocal range was astonishing. 卡拉斯的音域宽得惊人.
expressing one's opinions or feelings freely in speech; outspoken 用言语自由表达意见或感情的; 直言的: vocal criticism, support 坦率的批评﹑ 支持 * We were very vocal about our rights. 我们直言不讳表达了我们应有的权利. * The protesters are a small but vocal minority. 抗议的人虽然人数少, 但却是直言的少数.
> vocal n (often pl 常作复数) sung part of a piece of jazz or pop music (爵士乐或流行音乐的)歌唱部分: Who was on/sang lead vocal(s) on the group's last record? 在这个乐队新出的唱片中, 领唱的是谁?
vocalist / 5vEUkElIst; `voklIst/ n singer, esp in a jazz or pop group 歌手(尤指爵士乐队或流行音乐乐队的). Cf 参看 instrumentalist (instrumental).
vocally / 5vEUkElI; `voklI/ adv
1 in a way that uses the voice 用嗓音; 口头地.
2 freely or outspokenly 自由地; 直言地: protest vocally 直言不讳提出抗议.
# ,vocal `cords voice-producing part of the larynx 声带. =>illus at throat 见throat插图.