/ 5vIzEbl; `vIzEbl/ adj ~ (to sb/sth) 1 that can be seen; in sight 可见的; 看得见的: The hills were barely visible through the mist. 小山隐没在薄雾中难以看清. * This star is not visible to the naked eye. 这颗星肉眼看不见.
(fig 比喻) that can be noticed or ascertained; apparent 能注意到的; 能确定的; 明显的: visible improvements, differences, changes, etc 明显的改善﹑ 区别﹑ 变化等 * speak with visible contempt, dismay, impatience, etc 说话中流露出轻蔑﹑ 气馁﹑ 不耐烦...之意.
> visibility / 9vIzE5bIlEtI; 9vIzE`bIlEtI/ n [U]
1 fact or state of being visible 可见性; 明显性.
2 condition of the light or weather for seeing things at a distance 可见度; 能见度: Visibility was down to 100 metres in the fog. 大雾中能见距离已降至100米. * planes grounded because of poor/low/bad visibility 因能见度太差[低/坏]而停飞的飞机.
visibly / -EblI; -EblI/ adv noticeably 能注意到地; 明显地: visibly offended, ill, in love 看得出受到冒犯﹑ 生病﹑ 在恋爱.