/ 5v\:tIkl; `v[tIkl/ adj
at a right angle to another line or plane, or to the earth's surface (相对於另一线或平面, 或相对於地面)垂直的, 竖的, 直立的: the vertical axis of a graph 图表的纵轴线 * The cliff was almost vertical. 那个悬崖近乎直上直下. * a vertical take-off aircraft, ie one that rises straight up into the air without needing a runway 垂直起飞的飞机.
in the direction from top to bottom of a picture, etc (图等上的方向)从上到下的, 纵向的: the vertical clues of a crossword 纵横字谜的纵行提示词语.
> vertical n vertical line, part or position 垂直线; 垂直部分; 垂直位置: out of the vertical, ie not vertical 不垂直的.
vertically / -klI; -klI/ adv.