/ 5v\:bl; `v[bl/ adj
of or in words 词语的; 言语的; 文字的; 用言语的; 用文字的: verbal skills, ie reading and writing 阅读和书写的技能 * non-verbal communication,ie gestures, facial expressions, etc 非言语交际(手势﹑ 面部表情等).
spoken, not written 口头的(非书面的): a verbal explanation, agreement, warning, reminder, etc 口头解释﹑ 协议﹑ 警告﹑ 提示等.
word for word; literal 逐字的; 一字不差的: a verbal translation 逐字的翻译.
(grammar) of verbs 动词的: a noun performing a verbal function 起动词作用的名词.
> verbally / 5v\:bElI; `v[blI/ adv in spoken words, not in writing 口头上(非书面形式).
# verbal `noun (also gerund) noun derived from a verb, eg swimming in the sentence Swimming is a good form of exercise 动名词(如在Swimming is a good form of exercise句中的swimming).