/ veIn; ven/ n
[C] any of the tubes carrying blood from all parts of the body to the heart 静脉: Royal blood ran in his veins. 他有王族血统. Cf 参看 artery.
[C] any of the thread-like lines forming the framework of a leaf or of an insect's wing 叶脉; 翅脉.
[C] narrow strip or streak of a different colour in some kinds of stone, eg marble, or in some cheeses (大理石等或某些乾酪的)纹理, 纹路.
[C] crack or fissure in rock, filled with mineral or ore; seam 矿脉; 岩脉; 矿层: a vein of gold 金矿脉.
[sing] ~ (of sth) (fig 比喻) distinctive feature or quality; streak 特徵; 气质; 性情: have a vein of melancholy in one's character 性格中含有忧郁的成分 * Her stories struck/revealed a rich vein of humour. 她的小说饶有风趣.
[sing] manner or style; mood 方式; 风格; 心情; 情绪: in a sad, comic, creative, etc vein 以忧伤的心情﹑ 喜剧的风格﹑ 富於创造性的方式等 * The complaints continued in the same vein. 总是那一类的牢骚话, 没完没了.
> veined / veInd; vend/, veiny / 5veInI; `venI/ adjs marked with or having veins 有静脉的; 有叶脉的; 有翅脉的; 有纹理的; 有矿脉的: a veined hand 显露青筋的手 * veined marble 有纹理的大理石 * blue-veined cheese,eg Stilton 有蓝色条纹的乾酪(如斯第尔顿奶酪).