/ 5veErI; `vZrI/ v (pt, pp varied)
[I, Ipr] ~ (in sth) be different in size, volume, strength, etc (体积﹑ 容积﹑ 力量等)呈现不同: These fish vary in weight from 3 lb to 5 lb. 这些鱼的重量从3磅到5磅不等. * Opinions vary on this point. 对这一点看法各异. * The results of the experiment varied wildly. 实验结果差异很大.
[I, Ipr] ~ (with sth); ~ (from sth to sth) change, esp according to some factor 改变, 变动, 变化(尤指伴随某种因素而产生): Our routine never varies. 我们的常规从无变化. * Prices vary with the seasons. 物价随季节而变动. * Her mood varied from optimism to extreme depression.她的情绪由乐观一变而为极度消沉. * work with varying degrees of enthusiasm 工作积极性有所不同. =>Usage at change1 用法见change1.
[Tn] make sth different by introducing changes 使某事物有变化; 改变某事物: vary a programme, route 更改程序﹑ 路线 * varying the pace/speed at which you work 改变你的工作节奏[速度].