/ 5veErIEbl; `vZrIEbl/ adj
varying; changeable 变化的; 可变的; 易变的: variable pressure, rainfall, weather, speed 变化不定的压力﹑ 降雨量﹑ 天气﹑ 速度 * Winds are mainly light and variable. 风力多微弱, 风向多变. * His mood/temper is variable. 他的情绪[脾气]反覆无常. * The quality of the hotel food is distinctly variable. 这个旅馆的饭菜有时很好有时很差.
(astronomy 天) (of a star) periodically varying in brightness (指星)亮度周期变化的.
> variable n (often pl 常作复数) variable thing or quantity 可变的事物; 可变的量: With so many variables, the exact cost is difficult to estimate. 由於有许多可变因素, 很难准确地估算出成本. * Temperature was a variablein the experiment. 在该实验中温度是一个变量. Cf 参看 constant n.
variability / 9veErIE5bIlEtI; 9vZrIE`bIlEtI/ n [U] quality of being variable; tendency to vary 可变性; 易变性.
variably / -EblI; -EblI/ adv.