/ 5vAljUEbl; `vAljJEbl/ adj
worth a lot of money 贵重的; 值钱的: a valuable collection of paintings 一批很有价值的画儿.
very useful or worthwhile or important 很有用的; 很有价值的; 很重要的: valuable advice, help, information, etc 宝贵的意见﹑ 帮助﹑ 信息等 * wasting valuable time and effort 浪费宝贵的时间和精力 * The jawbone was our most valuable find/discovery. 这块颌骨是我们最重要的发现. =>Usage at invaluable 用法见invaluable.
> valuables n [pl] valuable things, esp small personal possessions, jewellery, etc 贵重物品(尤指个人的小件物品﹑ 珠宝等): recover stolen valuables 起获失窃的贵重物品.