/ 5ju:sfl; `jusfEl/ adj
that can be used for some practical purpose; serviceable or helpful 实用的; 适用的; 有用的; 有益的; 有帮助的: a useful gadget, book, hint, acquaintance 有用的小机械﹑ 书﹑ 线索﹑ 熟人 * do sth useful with one's life 尽自己毕生精力做些有益的事 * Videos are useful things to have in the classroom. 教室里有录像设备是很有助益的.
(infml 口) competent or capable 能干的; 有能力的: He's a useful member of the team. 他是该队的主力队员.
(idm 习语) come in handy/useful => handy. ,make oneself `useful help by performing useful tasks 做些有用的事来帮忙: My nephews tried to make themselves useful about the house. 我的侄子都想帮我收拾收拾房子. > usefully / -fElI;-fElI/ adv: Is there anything I can usefully do here? 这里有没有我能帮忙做的事情? usefulness / -fElnIs; -fElnIs/ n [U]: The old car has outlived its usefulness, ie is no longer useful or worth keeping. 这辆旧汽车已经不能用了.