1 / ju:z; juz/ v (pt, pp used / ju:zd; juzd/)
[Tn, Tn.pr, Tnt, Cn.n/a] ~ sth (for sth/doing sth); ~ sth (as sth) employ sth for a purpose; bring sth into service 用; 使用; 运用; 利用: Do you know how to use a lathe? 你会使用车床吗? * Use your common sense! 用用你的常识吧! * If you don't use (ie practise) your English you'll forget it. 英语不用就容易忘. * May I use your phone? 我用一下您的电话行吗? * A hammer is used for driving in nails. 鎚子是用来钉钉子的. * She uses her unmarried name for professional purposes. 她处理业务时使用娘家姓氏. * I use my bike for (going) shopping. 我买东西时骑自行车去. * We used the money to set up an irrigation project. 我们把钱用在兴建灌溉工程上了. * They used force to persuade him. 他们用武力逼他就范. * May I use your name as a reference? ie May I quote it, eg when I apply for a job? 我可以请您作我的荐举人吗? (我可否在求职信中把您的名字列入其中? )
[Tn] (fml 文) treat (sb) in a specified way; behave towards (以某种方式)对待(某人): use one's friends well 善待朋友 * He has used her shamefully. 他待她之坏, 人所不齿. * He thinks himself ill-used, ie considers that he is badly treated. 他认为遭到虐待.
[Tn, Cn.n/a] ~ sb/sth (as sth) exploit sb/sth selfishly 自私地利用某人[某事物]: He felt used by her. 他觉得受她利用了. * She simply used us for her own ends/to get what she wanted. 她完全是为了自己的目的而利用我们. * He used the bad weather as an excuse for not coming. 他拿天气不好作不来的藉口.
[Tn, Tn.pr] consume (sth) 消耗, 消费(某物): Use the milk sparingly, there's not much left. 少用些牛奶, 剩下的不多了. * The car used a gallon of petrol for the journey. 汽车在路上消耗了一加仑汽油.
[Tn] (infml 口) (a) take (drugs) 服(药). (b) (US) smoke (cigarettes, etc) 吸(烟等).
(idm 习语) I, etc could use a `drink, etc (infml 口) I, etc would very much like a drink, etc 我...很想喝酒﹑ 做某事: Boy, could I use a hot bath! 啊, 我真想洗个热水澡! use one's loaf (infml 口) think effectively; use one's intelligence 好好想想; 动动脑筋.
(phr v) use sth up (a) use (material, etc) until no more is left; find a use for (remaining material or time) 用尽(材料等); 设法利用(剩余的材料或时间): I've used up all the glue. 我把胶水全用光了. * She used up the chicken bones to make soup. 她把鸡骨头全用来熬汤了. (b) exhaust or tire sth out 耗尽某事物; 使某事物衰竭: use up all one's strength, energy, etc 耗尽了体力﹑ 精力等.
> usable / 5ju:zEbl; `juzEbl/ adj [pred 作表语] that can be used; that is fit to be used 可使用; 合用; 适用: This tyre is so worn that it is no longer usable. 这条轮胎磨损得很厉害, 不能再用了.