/ 9Qp5steEz; Qp`stZrz/ adv
up the stairs; to or on an upper floor 向楼上; 往楼上; 在楼上: walk, leap, sleep upstairs 走上楼﹑ 蹦跳着上楼﹑ 在楼上睡觉 * I was upstairs when it happened. 这件事发生时我正在楼上. Cf 参看 downstairs.
(idm 习语) kick sb upstairs => kick1.
> upstairs adj situated on, living on or belonging toan upper floor 位於楼上的; 住在楼上的; 属於楼上的: an,upstairs `room, `window 楼上的房间﹑ 窗户 * the familiesupstairs/the ,upstairs `families 楼上的住户.
upstairs n [sing] (infml 口) upper floor of a house, etc 房屋等的上层; 楼上: A bungalow does not have an upstairs. 平房没有上层.