/ Qn5ju:Vl; Qn`juVEl/ adj
rare or exceptional 罕有的; 异乎寻常的: This bird is an unusual winter visitor to Britain. 这种鸟很少冬季到英国来. * It's unusual for him to refuse a drink. 给他酒他不喝, 这事可新鲜.
(esp approv 尤作褒义) remarkable because different; distinctive 独特的; 与众不同的: The Lloyds building is nothing if not (ie is very) unusual. 劳埃德大楼别具一格.
> unusually / -VElI; -VElI/ adv exceptionally or extremely异常地; 极端地: an unusually high rainfall for January 一月份异常高的降雨量 * Unusually for him, he wore a tie. 他系了一条领带, 这可真少见.