/ Qn5laIklI; Qn`laIklI/ adj (-ier, -iest) (a) not likely or expected to happen 不大可能发生的; 未必会发生的: It is unlikely to rain/that it will rain. 不太可能下雨. * There is unlikely to be rain. 不太可能有雨. * His condition is unlikely to improve. 他的境况不大可能好转. * In the unlikely event of a strike, production would be badly affected. 罢工未必能发生, 若一旦发生, 生产势必受到严重影响. (b) [attrib 作定语] not likely to be true; improbable 不大可能是真实的; 不大可能的: an unlikely tale, excuse, explanation, etc 不太像真实的说法﹑ 托词﹑ 解释等. (c) not expected to succeed 未必会成功的: the most unlikely candidate 最不大可能当选的候选人 * an unlikely couple, ie two people who do not seem to be well suited to each other 不大般配的二人.