/ ju:5naIt; ju`naIt/ v
[I, Ipr, Tn, Tn.pr] ~ (sb/sth) (with sb/sth) (cause people or things to) become one; come or bring together; join (使人或事物)合为一体, 联合, 合并, 统一, 团结: The two parties have united to form a coalition. 这两个党已结成联盟. * After three years in prison he was again united with his wife and family. 他在狱中关了三年之後, 又与妻子和家里人团圆了. * the common interests that unite our two countries 使我们两国联合起来的共同利益 * The threat of war has united the country behind (ie in support of) its leaders. 国难当头全国人民都团结在领袖的周围.
[I, Ipr] ~ (in sth/doing sth) act or work together 联合; 统一; 联合行动; 一齐工作: We should unite in fighting/unite to fight poverty and disease. 我们应该团结起来为消除贫穷和疾病而斗争.
> united adj
1 joined together by love or sympathy (由爱或同情)结合在一起的; 和睦的: a very united family 很和睦的家庭.
2 resulting from people joining together for a common purpose (为共同目标)团结的, 联合的: make a united effort 一致努力 * present a united front to the enemy 成立联合阵线共同对敌.
3 joined politically (政治上)统一的, 结盟的: the campaign for a united Ireland 争取爱尔兰统一的运动. unitedly adv.
# the U,nited `Kingdom (abbr 缩写 (the) UK) Great Britain and Northern Ireland (大不列颠及北爱尔兰)联合王国; 英国. =>Usage at great 用法见great.
the U,nited `Nations (abbr 缩写 (the) UN) internationalorganization of many countries working for peace throughout the world 联合国.
the U,nited `States (of A`merica) (abbrs 缩写 (the) US, USA) large country in N America consisting of 50 States and the District of Columbia (美利坚)合众国; 美国.