/ Qn5hApI; Qn`hApI/ adj (-ier, -iest)
(a) sad or miserable; not happy 悲伤的; 难过的; 不幸福的; 不愉快的: look, sound, etc unhappy 看上去﹑ 听起来...很不高兴 * an unhappy occasion, atmosphere, face 不愉快的场合﹑ 气氛﹑ 脸色. (b) ~ (about/at sth) anxious or dissatisfied 忧虑的; 发愁的; 不满意的: Investors were unhappy about the risk. 投资者为这一风险而担心.
unfortunate or unlucky; regrettable 不幸的; 不走运的; 令人遗憾的: an unhappy coincidence, chance, etc 不幸的巧合﹑ 偶然事故等 * What has led to this unhappy state of affairs? 事情弄到这步田地是什麽原因造成的?
[usu attrib 通常作定语] (fml 文) not suitable or appropriate 不合适的; 不恰当的: an unhappy comment, decision, choice 不恰当的评语﹑ 决定﹑ 选择.
> unhappily / -IlI; -IlI/ adv
1 sadly 可悲地; 难过地.
2 unfortunately 不幸地; 不走运地; 遗憾地: Unhappily, she is not here today. 真遗憾, 她今天不在这儿.
unhappiness n [U].