/ Qn5fR:tFEnIt; Qn`fRrtFEnIt/ adj
havingor causing bad luck; unlucky 不幸的; 倒霉的: I was unfortunate enough to lose my keys. 我把钥匙丢了, 真倒霉. * an unfortunate expedition 运气不佳的探险 * an unfortunate start to our holiday 我们度假之出行不利.
unsuitable or regrettable 不合适的; 不恰当的; 令人遗憾的; 可惜的: an unfortunate remark, coincidence, mishap 不得体的话﹑ 令人遗憾的巧合﹑ 可悲的事故 * a most unfortunate choice of words 极不恰当的措辞 * It is unfortunate that you missed the meeting. 真可惜, 你没参加那次会议.
> unfortunate n (esp pl 尤作复数) unfortunate or wretched person 不幸的人; 可怜人: Unlike many other poor unfortunates, I do have a job. 我同许多不幸的人不一样, 我是有工作的.
unfortunately adv ~ (for sb) regrettably; unluckily遗憾地; 不幸地: The notice is most unfortunately phrased.这份通知用语很不得当. * I can't come, unfortunately.很遗憾, 我来不了. * Unfortunately for him, he was wrong.很遗憾, 他错了.