/ 9QndE5teIk; 9QndL`tek/ v (pt undertook/- 5tUk; -`tJk/, pp undertaken / -5teIkEn; -`tekEn/) (fml 文)
[Tn] (start to) make oneself responsible for (sth) 承担(某事物); 负起(某事物)的责任: undertake a mission, task, project, etc 承担使命﹑ 任务﹑ 工程项目等 * She undertook the organization of the whole scheme. 她负责整个计画的组织工作.
[Tf, Tt] agree or promise to do sth 同意或答应做某事: He undertook to finish the job by Friday. 他答应在星期五以前完成那工作.
> undertaking / 9QndE5teIkIN; 9QndL`tekIN/ n
1 [sing] work, etc that one has undertaken; task or enterprise 任务; 事业; 企业: a commercial, financial, etc undertaking商业﹑ 金融等企业 * Small businesses are a risky undertaking.小型企业要担很大的风险. * Getting married is a serious undertaking. 结婚是件大事.
2 ~ (that.../to do sth) (fml 文) promise or guarantee 答应; 许诺; 保证; 担保: an undertaking that the loan would be repaid 一项偿还贷款的担保 * She gave a solemn undertaking to respect their decision. 她郑重地保证尊重他们的决定.