/ 9QndE5stAnd; 9QndL`stAnd/ v (pt, ppunderstood / -5stUd; -`stJd/) (not used in the continuoustenses 不用於进行时态)
(a) [I, Tn, Tw] grasp the meaning of (words, a language, a person, etc) 懂﹑ 理解或领会(语词﹑ 语言﹑ 某人等)的意思: I'm not sure that I fully understand (you). 我不敢说我已完全听懂了(你的话). * understand the instructions, rules, conditions, etc 了解指示﹑ 规则﹑ 情况等 * I can understand French perfectly. 法语我完全懂. * I don't understand (a word of) what you're saying, eg because you're speaking too quickly. 你的话我(一个字也)听不懂(因为你说得太快). (b) [Tn, Tw, Tsg] perceive the significance or importance of (sth); perceive the explanation for or cause of 了解(某事物)的意义或重要性; 认识到...的道理或原因: Do you understand the difficulty of my position? 你了解我处境的困难吗? * I don't understand why he came/what the problem is. 我不明白他为什麽来[这是什麽问题]. * I just can't understand him/his taking the money. 我真无法理解他[他为什麽要偷钱].
[I, Tn, Tf, Tw, Tsg] be sympathetically aware of (sb/sth); know how to deal with (sb/sth) 了解, 理解, 谅解, 同情(某人[某事物]); 善於与(某人[某事物)打交道: understand children, machinery, modern music 了解儿童﹑ 机器的性能﹑ 现代音乐 * We thoroughly understand each other/one another, even if we don't always agree. 我们彼此非常了解, 虽然有时候也有一些分歧. * I quite understand that you need a change/your needing a change. 你需要换换环境, 这一点我完全理解. * He understands how hard things have been for you. 他很同情你的艰难处境.
(usu fml 通常作文雅语) (a) [Tf, Cn.t] be aware from information received (that...); gather 得知; 获悉; 推断: I understand she is in Paris. 我听说她现在巴黎. * Am I to understand that you refuse? 看意思你是拒绝了? * The situation, as I understand it, is very dangerous. 情况据我看十分危险. * I understood him to say/as saying that he would co-operate. 我认为他愿意合作. (b) [Tf usu passive 通常用於被动语态] take (sth) for granted 认为(某事物)当然如此: Your expenses will be paid, that's understood. 你的费用给你付清, 当然了.
[Tn esp passive 尤用於被动语态] supply or insert (an omitted word or phrase) mentally 凭意会理解(省略的词语): In the sentence `I can't drive', the object `a car' is understood. 在‘我不会驾驶’这句话中, 宾语‘汽车’是不言而喻的.
(idm 习语) give sb to understand (that)... (fml 文) cause sb to believe or have the idea that... 使某人理解﹑ 相信或认为...: We were given to understand that the accommodation was free. 给我们的感觉是住宿是免费的. ,make oneself under`stood make one's meaning clear 将自己的意思表达清楚: He doesn't speak much English but he can make himself understood. 他不大会说英语, 但能把自己的意思说清楚.
> understandable / -Ebl; -Ebl/ adj that can beunderstood or sympathized with 能懂的; 可理解的; 可同情的: The instructions were not readily/easily understandable. 这份说明书不容易懂. * understandable delays, objections,motives 可以理解的延误﹑ 异议﹑ 动机. understandably/-EblI; -EblI/ adv: She was understandably annoyed. 她很生气, 这是可理解的.