/ 5QndE(r); `QndL/ prep
in, to or through a position directly below (sth) 在(某物)下面; 到(某物)下面; 通过(某物)下面: The cat was under the table. 那猫在桌子下面. * Have you looked under the bed? 你看过床底下了吗? * Let's shelter under the trees. 咱们在树下避一避吧. * He threw himself under a bus. 他扑到一辆公共汽车底下去了. * The water flows under the bridge. 水在桥下流过. * (fig 比喻) What sign of the Zodiac were you born under? 你是属什麽星座的? Cf 参看 over2 1, 2.
below the surface of (sth); covered by 低於(某物)的 表面; 被(某物)遮蔽着: Most of the iceberg is under the water. 冰山的大部分在水面以下. * Under the mountain there is a network of caves. 这座山里有许多相通的洞穴. * She crept in beside him under the bedclothes. 她钻进被窝, 躺在他身旁. * She pushed all her hair under a headscarf. 她把头发都让头巾罩住.
in or to a position next to and lower than (sth) 在(某物)下方; 到(某物)下方: under the castle wall 在城墙下 * a village under the hill 山脚下的村庄.
(a) younger than (a specified age) 比(某年龄)小; 在(某年龄)以下: Many children under 5 go to nursery school. 5岁以下的许多儿童都上幼儿园. * It's forbidden to sell tobacco to children under 16. 禁止向16岁以下的儿童出售烟草. * If you are under 26 you can buy cheap rail tickets. 未满26岁者可购买廉价火车票. (b) less than (a specified amount, distance or time) 少於(某一数目﹑ 距离或时间): Anyone with an annual income of under 5000 may be eligible to apply. 凡年收入在5000英镑以下者均可申请. * It's under a mile from here to the post office. 此处距邮局不足一英里. * It tookus under an hour. 我们用了不到一个小时. Cf 参看 over2 5.
(a) lower in rank than (sb); responsible to the authority of 级别低於(某人); 隶属於...; 听命於...: No one under the rank of captain may enter the room. 级别低於上尉者禁止入内. * She has a staff of 19 working under her. 她手下有19名工作人员. (b) governed or led by (sb) 在(某人)统治或领导下: Britain under Cromwell, Thatcher, the monarchy 在克伦威尔﹑ 撒切尔﹑ 君主制治下的英国 * Under its new conductor, the orchestra has established an international reputation. 这个管弦乐队在新指挥的领导下蜚声国际. (c) according to the terms of (an agreement, a law or a system) 根据(协议﹑ 法律或制度)的规定: Six suspects are being held under the Prevention of Terrorism Act. 根据防止恐怖活动法案, 拘留了六名疑犯. * Under the terms of the lease you had no right to sublet the property. 根据租约规定, 你无权转租物业.
carrying (a specified burden) 承受(某种负荷): She was struggling under the weight of three suitcases. 她提着三个箱子, 步履维艰. * (fml 文) It was difficult to behave naturally under the burden of knowing the truth. 了解了真相, 在此压力下自难行之若素.
(a) being in a state of (sth) 在(某事物)的状况中: buildings under repair/construction, ie being repaired/built 在修缮[建造]中的建筑物 * matters under consideration, discussion,etc 正在考虑﹑ 讨论等中的问题. (b) being affected by (sb/sth) 在(某人[某事物])影响下: He's very much under the influence of the older boys. 那些比他大的男孩对他影响很大. * You'll be under (an) anaesthetic, so you won't feel a thing. 给你施麻醉後, 你就什麽也感觉不到了.
(a) using (a particular name) 使用(某名称): open a bank account under a false name 用假名字在银行开户 * write a novel under the pseudonym of Colin Kettle 用笔名科林?凯特尔写小说. (b) classified as (sth) 被分类为(某事物): If it's not under sport, try looking under biography. 要是在运动类中查不到, 可以查查传记类.
being planted with (sth) 种植着(某物): fields under wheat 种着小麦的田地.
> under adv
1 under water 在水下: If you take a deep breath you can stay under for more than a minute. 只要深吸一口气就能在水里待上一分多钟. * The ship went under (ie sank) on its first voyage. 那条船在首次航行时就沉没了.
2 without consciousness 无知觉; 失去知觉: She felt herself going under. 她感到渐渐失去了知觉.
under adj [attrib 作定语] lower; situated underneath 较低的; 在下面的: the under layers 下层 * under surface 底面.