2 / taIp; taIp/ n (a) [C] small block, esp of metal, with a raised letter or figure, etc on it, for use in printing (印刷用的)铅字, 活字. (b) [U] set, supply, kind or size of these 活字的宽度﹑ 储备﹑ 字体或字号等: set sth in bold, roman, italic, etc type 将某文稿排成黑体字﹑ 正体字﹑ 斜体字等.
> type v [I, Ip, Tn, Tn.p] ~ sth (out/up) write sth using a typewriter or word processor 用打字机或文字处理机打印某文稿: typing (away) with four fingers 用四个手指打(着)字 * This will need to be typed (out) again. 这篇文稿要重新打一遍. typing (also `typewriting) n [U]
(skill at) using a typewriter or word processor (使用打字机或文字处理机的)打字(技术): practise typing 练习打字 * [attrib 作定语] a typing pool, ie a group of typists who share a firm's typing work 打字小组(承担一部门打字工作的).
writing produced on a typewriter or word processor (用打字机或文字处理机打出的)文稿: two pages of typing 打出的两页文稿. typist / 5taIpIst; `taIpIst/ n person who types, esp one employed to do so 打字者; (尤指)打字员: fast accurate typists required 招聘打字快速﹑ 准确的打字员 * copy, shorthand, etc typists 依照原稿﹑ 速记等打字的打字员.
# `type-face (also face) n set of types in a particular design (活字的)字体: headings printed in a different type-face from the text 与正文字体不同的标题.
`typescript n [C, U] typewritten text or document (打印出的)文稿, 文件: We receive several new typescripts a day. 我们一天收到几份打出的文稿. * The poems arrived in (fifty pages of) typescript. 送来的诗歌是(五十页)打字稿.
`typesetter n person or machine that sets type for printing 排字工人; 排字机.
`typewriter n machine for producing characters similar to those of print by pressing keys which cause raised metal letters, etc to strike the paper, usu through inked ribbon 打字机: an electric typewriter 电动打字机 * [attrib 作定语] a typewriter ribbon, keyboard 打字机色带﹑ 键盘. Cf 参看 word processor (word).
`typewritten adj written using a typewriter or wordprocessor (使用打字机或文字处理机)打印的: typewrittenpages, letters, manuscripts 打印的页数﹑ 信件﹑ 手稿.