2 / tQk; tQk/ v
[Tn.pr, Tn.p] (a) ~ sth into sth; ~ sth in/up push or fold or turn the ends or edges (of cloth, paper, etc) so that they are hidden or held in place 将(布﹑ 纸等)的端部或边缘掖好﹑ 叠拢或卷起(使之看不见或固定住): tuck your trousers into your boots 把你的裤脚塞进靴子里 * tuck your shirt in, ie into your trousers, shorts, etc 把你的衬衣下摆塞进裤子里去 * He tucked up his shirt-sleeves. 他捋起了衬衫袖子. * The sheets were tucked in neatly, ie under the mattress. 床单的边缘整整齐齐地掖在褥垫下面. * tuck the flap of an envelope in 把信封的口盖摺进信封里. (b) draw (sth) together into a small space 将(某物)缩拢起来塞入狭小空间: The nurse tucked her hair (up) under her cap. 那护士把头发聚拢起来塞进帽子里. * He sat with his legs tucked (up) under him. 他盘着腿坐着.
[Tn.pr] put sth round (sb/sth) snugly and comfortably 用某物舒适地裹住(某人[某物]): tuck a blanket round sb's knees/legs 用毯子好好地盖住某人的膝部[腿部].
[Tn.pr] put (sth) away compactly or tidily 将(某物)收拢或收好: The hen tucked her head under her wing. 那母鸡把头缩在翅膀下. * tucked the map under his arm, into the glove compartment 把地图夹在腋下﹑ 收藏在汽车仪表板下的贮物箱里.
(idm 习语) nip and tuck => nip.
(phr v)tuck sth away (infml esp Brit) eat (a lot of food) 吃(大量食物). tuck sth/oneself away (infml 口) store or hide sth/oneself 将某物存起来或藏起来; 躲藏: He's got a fortune tucked away in a Swiss bank account. 他把一大笔钱存在瑞士银行里了. * The farm was tucked away in the hills. 那个农场隐蔽在群山之中. tuck into sth/in (infml esp Brit) eat (sth) heartily 痛快地吃某物: He tucked into the ham hungrily. 他狼吞虎咽地大吃火腿. * Come on, tuck in, everybody! 来呀, 大家尽量吃吧! tuck sb up cover sb snugly with bedclothes 给某人盖好被子: tuck the children up in bed 给孩子们盖好被子.
# `tuck-in n (usu sing 通常作单数) (Brit infml 口) large meal 大餐: have a good tuck-in 大吃一顿.