/ tru:; tru/ adj (-r, -st)
corresponding to known facts 合於事实的; 真的; 真实的; 确实的: Is it true you're getting married? 你要结婚是真的吗? * a true story 真实的故事 * The food is good and the same is true of the service, ie that is good too. 吃的东西很好, 服务质量也不错. * `We've always found somewhere to stay here before.' `True, but we may not always be so lucky.' ‘我们已往在这里总能找到个落脚的地方.’‘话倒是这麽说, 可我们不一定总那麽运气呀.’ * Unfortunately what you say is only too true. 遗憾的是, 你说的都是实实在在的事.
[esp attrib 尤作定语] (a) agreeing with correct principles or accepted standards 合乎正确的原则或公认的标准的: a true judgement, assessment, analysis, etc 正确的判断﹑ 评估﹑ 分析等. (b) rightly called what one/it is called; genuine 名副其实的; 真正的: true love 真正 的爱 * The frog is not a true reptile. 青蛙并非真正的爬行动物. * claimed to be the true heir 提出本人为合法继承人这一要求.
[esp attrib 尤作定语] exact; accurate 准确的; 精确的: a true copy of a document 文件的准确副本 * a true pair of scales 精确的天平.
[esp pred 尤作表语] fitted or placed in its proper (esp upright) position (安装或放置)正, 准, (尤指)垂直: Is the wheel true? 轮子安正了吗? * Make sure the post is true before the concrete sets. 在混凝土凝固以前, 一定要把柱子竖直了.
~ (to sth) loyal; faithful 忠实的; 忠诚的: atrue patriot 忠贞的爱国者 * remain true to one's principles坚持自己的原则 * be true to one's word/promise, ie do as one has promised 信守诺言.
(idm 习语) come `true (of a hope, prediction, etc) really happen; become fact (指希望﹑ 预言等)实现, 成为事实: It's like a dream come (ie that has come) true. 这有如梦想变成了现实. one's true `colours (often derog 常作贬义) one's true character; what one is really like 本性; 真面目: Once he achieved power he showed (himself in) his true colours. 他一掌了权就露出了本来面目. true to sth being or acting as one would expect from sth 符合某事物; 忠实反映某事物: True to form (ie As usual), he arrived late. 跟往常一样, 他来晚了. * The film is very true to life, ie realistic. 这部影片非常现实. * Plants grown from seed are not always true to type, ie exactly like the plant that gave the seed. 植物由种子发育成熟并不见得与该植物原型一模一样.
> true adv
1 truly 真实地; 确实地: She spoke truer than she knew. 她说的比她了解的更接近事实.
2 accurately 准确地; 精确地: The arrow flew straight and true to its mark. 那箭不偏不斜地直朝目标飞去.
true n (idm 习语) ,out of `true not in its proper or accurate position 位置不正: The door is out of true. 这扇门位置不正.
# ,true-`blue n, adj (person who is) completely faithful and loyal, esp to traditional principles 忠心耿耿的(人); (尤指)坚持传统原则的(人): a true-blue Tory of the old school 一个老派的坚定的保守党人.
,true-`hearted adj loyal 忠实的; 忠诚的.
,true-`life adj [attrib 作定语] that really happened 实有其事的; 真实的: a ,true-life ad`venture 真实的奇遇.
`true-love n person who loves or is loved genuinely and deeply; sweetheart 真心爱的或被爱的人; 爱人.
,true `north north according to the earth's axis, not magnetic north 真北(以地轴北极为正北的, 非磁极之北).