2 / trIm; trIm/ v (-mm-)
(a) [Tn, Tn.p] make (sth) neat or smooth by cutting away irregular parts (藉切除不规则的部分)使(某物)整齐或光滑; 整修, 修剪(某物): trim the top of a hedge 修剪树篱 * trim one's beard (back) 修胡子. (b) [Tn, Tn.pr, Tn.p] ~ sth (off sth/off) remove sth or reduce sth by cutting (用切﹑ 割﹑ 剪﹑ 砍等方式)除去或削减某物: The article's too long. Can you trim it (by a quarter)? 这篇文章太长. 你能删减(四分之一)吗? * Please trim the excess fat off (the meat). 请把过多的肥膘(从肉上)切掉. * I trimmed an inch off the hem of this skirt 我把这条裙子的下摆剪短了一英寸. * We had to trim a lot off our travel budget. 我们当时只好大量削减旅行预算. =>Usage at clip2 用法见clip2.
[Tn, Tn.pr] ~ sth (with sth) decorate or ornament sth 装饰某物: trim a dress with lace 用花边装饰连衣裙 * a hat trimmed with flowers 用花装饰的帽子.
[Tn] make (a boat, a ship or an aircraft) evenly balanced by arranging the position of the cargo or passengers 调整货物或乘客的位置使(船或飞机)平稳.
[Tn] set (sails) to suit the wind 调整(船帆)以适应风向.
>trim n
1 [C usu sing 通常作单数] trimming of hair, etc 修剪毛发等: The lawn needs a trim. 草坪得修剪了.
2 [C, U] decorations or fittings for clothes, furniture, etc (衣物﹑ 家具等的)饰物或配件: a yard of gold trim 一码的金色边饰 * The car is available with black or red trim, ie upholstery, etc. 这种汽车的装修(即坐具等)有黑色的也有红色的.
3 (idm 习语) be in/get into `trim be/get ready or fit 准备好; 健康适宜: in good, proper, excellent, etc trim 身体好﹑ 健康﹑ 极佳等 * She's got a month to get into trim for the race. 她参加径赛前有一个月的准备时间.
trimmer n person or thing that trims 做修剪或装饰等工作的人或工具: an electric hedge trimmer 电动树篱修剪机.
trimming n 1 [U, C] material, eg lace or tinsel, used todecorate sth 装饰材料(如花边或金属箔). 2 trimmings[pl] (a) pieces cut off when sth is trimmed 修剪下来的东西: pastry trimmings 切下的油酥面团的多余部分. (b) usual accompaniments of sth; extras 通常的伴随物或附加物; 额外的事物: roast turkey and all the trimmings, ie vegetables, stuffing, sauces, etc 烤火鸡及各种配料(蔬菜﹑ 填料﹑ 沙司等).