/ trend; trZnd/ n
general tendency or direction 趋势; 趋向; 动向: The trend of prices is still upwards. 物价仍有上涨趋势. * a growing trend towards smaller families 家庭日益小型化的趋势 * contemporary trends in psychiatry 当今精神病学的动态 * following the latest trends in fashion 追求最新的流行款式.
(idm 习语) ,set a/the `trend start a style, practice, fashion, etc that others copy 开风气之先; 带领新潮流.
> trend v [Ipr, Ip] show a particular tendency 显示某种趋向: house prices trending upwards 有上涨趋势的房价.
trendy adj (-ier, -iest) (infml 口) showing or following the latest trends of fashion 时髦的; 赶时髦的: trendyclothes 时髦衣物 * (derog 贬) trendy intellectuals, ie oneswho do not examine new ideas carefully 赶浪头的知识分子(盲目追求新思潮者). n (Brit infml esp derog 口, 尤作贬义) trendy person 赶时髦的人: middle-aged trendies 赶时髦的中年人. trendily adv. trendiness n [U].
# `trend-setter n person who leads the way in fashion, etc 新潮倡导人. `trend-setting adj [attrib 作定语]: a trend-setting film 带领新潮流的影片.