2 / 5trebl; `trZbl/ n (a) highest voice in choral singing, esp the unbroken male voice (合唱中的)最高音(尤指连续的男声): a choir of trebles 最高音合唱. (b) child with such a voice 唱最高音的儿童. (c) part for such a voice 最高声部: He sings treble. 他唱最高声部.
> treble adj [attrib 作定语] high-pitched in tone 声调高的; 高音的; 尖声的: a treble voice 尖利的嗓音 * a treble recorder 高音竖笛 * the treble clef, ie the symbol in music showing that the notes following it are high in pitch 高音谱号. Cf 参看 bass.