/ 5treVE(r); `trZVL/ n
[C, U] (store of) gold, silver, jewels, etc 金银财宝; 财富: buried treasure 埋藏的财宝.
[C esp pl 尤作复数] highly valued object 宝物; 珍宝; 珍品: `art treasures 艺术珍品.
[C] person who is much loved or valued 极爱的人; 极有价值的人: My dearest treasure! 我的宝贝儿! * Our new secretary is a perfect treasure. 我们新来的秘书十分能干.
> treasure v
1 [Tn] value (sth) highly 珍重, 珍爱(某事物): treasure sb's friendship 珍视某人的情谊 * He treasures your letters. 他把你的信看得非常宝贵.
2 [Tn, Tn.p] ~ sth (up) keep sth as precious or greatly loved 珍藏某事物: I shall always treasure the memory of our meetings. 我将永远记住我们相聚的情景. * treasure sthup in one's heart 将某事物铭记於心. treasurer / 5treVErE(r);`trZVErL/ n person responsible for the money, bills, etc of a club or society (俱乐部或会社的)财务主管, 司库, 会计, 出纳.
# `treasure-house n building where treasure is stored 存放金银财宝的建筑物.
`treasure-hunt n (a) search for treasure 寻宝. (b) game in which players try to find a hidden object 寻宝游戏.
`treasure trove / trEUv; trov/ 1 treasure that is found hidden and whose owner is unknown 发现的无主财宝. 2 (fig 比喻) place, book, etc containing many useful or beautiful things 视为宝库的处所﹑ 书等: The gallery is a treasure trove of medieval art. 这个画廊是中世纪艺术的 宝库.