2 / 5trAnspR:t; `trAnspRrt/ n
[U] (a) (alsoesp US transportation) transporting or being transported运送; 运输; 流放: road and rail transport 公路及铁路运输 * the transport of goods by air 空运货物 * [attrib 作定语] London's transport system 伦敦的运输系统 * transport charges 运费. (b) means of transport; vehicle or vehicles 运输工具: My car is being repaired so I'm without transport at the moment. 我的汽车正在修理, 所以我现在没有代步工具了. * I normally travel by public transport. 我出门通常乘坐公共交通工具.
[C] ship or aircraft for carrying troops or supplies (运送部队或补给品的)运输船, 运输机.
(idm 习语) in transports of sth (rhet 修辞) overcome by emotion 情不自禁: in transports of rage, delight, terror, etc 怒不可遏﹑ 喜不自胜﹑ 惊恐万状.
# `transport cafe cafe, esp for the use of long-distance lorry drivers 路边小餐馆(尤指供长途卡车司机用餐的).