/ trAnz5mIt; trAnz`mIt/ v (-tt-)
[usu passive通常用於被动语态: Tn, Tn.pr] ~ sth (from...) (to...)send out (a signal, programme, etc) electronically by radio waves, along a telegraph wire, etc (藉无线电波﹑ 沿电报线路等)传输, 传播(信号﹑ 节目等): The World Cup final is being transmitted live to over fifty countries. 世界杯决赛现正向五十多个国家作实况转播.
[Tn, Tn.pr] ~ sth/itself (from...) (to...) send or pass on sth/itself from one person, place or thing to another将某事物传送﹑ 传递﹑ 传达或传染给对方: sexually transmitted diseases 由性生活传染的疾病 * transmit knowledge from one generation to another 把知识由一代人传给另一代人 * The tension soon transmitted itself to all the members of the crowd. 这种紧张情绪很快感染了人群中所有的人.
[Tn] allow (sth) to pass through or along 传导(某事物): Iron transmits heat. 铁能传热.
> transmitter n
1 device or equipment for transmittingradio or other electronic signals 发射机; 发报机; 发射台; 发报台.
2 person or creature or thing that transmits 起传送或传播作用的人或生物或事物: The mosquito is a transmitter of disease. 蚊子能传染疾病.