/ 5trAnzIt, -sIt; `trAnzIt, -sIt/ n
[U] process of going or being taken or transported from one place to another 搬运; 载运; 运输: goods delayed or lost in transit 在运输中延误或遗失的货物 * [attrib 作定语] an urban rapid-transit system 城市高速运输系统.
[C, U] (astronomy 天) movement of one object in space (eg a planet) between another and an observer, so that the first seems to pass across the surface of the second 宇宙中一天体(如一行星)运行到另一天体与观察者之间, 使前者如同经过後者之表面; 凌日: observe the transit of Venus, eg across the sun 观测金星之凌日.
# `transit camp camp providing temporary accommodationfor refugees, soldiers, etc (难民﹑ 士兵等的)临时宿营地.
`transit visa visa allowing a person to pass through a country but not to stay there 过境签证(允许过境而不许停留).