2 / treIn; tren/ v
(a) [Tn, Tn.pr, Cn.n/a, Cn.t] ~ sb (as sth/in sth) bring (a person or an animal) to adesired standard of efficiency, behaviour, etc by instructionand practice 培养, 训练(某人或某动物): There is a shortage of trained nurses. 受过正规训练的护士十分缺乏. * He was trained as an engineer/in engineering. 他受过担任工程师的[工程学方面的]培训. * I've trained my dog to fetch my slippers. 我把狗训练得能给我叼拖鞋. =>Usage at teach 用法见teach. (b) [I, Ipr, It] ~ (as sth/in sth) undergo such a process 受训练或培养: She trained for a year as a secretary. 她受过一年做秘书的培训. * He trained to be a lawyer. 他受过做律师的训练.
[I, Ipr, Tn, Tn.pr] ~ (sb/sth) (for sth) (cause a person or an animal to) become physically fit by exercise and diet (使人或动物通过锻炼及调理饮食)身体健康: The challenger has been training hard for the big fight. 这位健将为参加拳击大赛夺魁而进行坚苦的锻炼. * train a horse for a race 训练马参加比赛.
[Tn.pr] ~ sth on sb/sth point or aim (a gun, camera, etc) at sb/sth 将(枪﹑ 照相机等)对准或瞄准某人[某物]: He trained his binoculars on the distant figures. 他把双筒望远镜对准远处的景物.
[Tn, Tn.pr] cause (a plant) to grow in a required direction 使(植物)朝某方向生长; 整枝: train roses against/along/over/up a wall 使蔷薇靠着[沿着/爬过/爬上]墙生长.
> trainee / treI5ni:; tren`i/ n person being trained for a job, etc 接受训练的人: [attrib 作定语] a trainee salesman 实习售货员.
trainer n
1 person who trains (esp athletes, sportsmen, racehorses, circus animals, etc) 训练人或动物的人; (尤指)教练员﹑ 驯马师﹑ 驯兽师等.
2 aircraft (or device that behaves like an aircraft) used for training pilots教练机; 飞行练习器.
3 (usu pl 通常作复数) (also `training shoe) soft rubber-soled shoe worn by athletes while exercising, or as casual footwear (运动员训练时或平时穿的)软胶底鞋, 运动鞋: a pair of trainers 一双运动鞋.
training n [U] process of preparing or being prepared for a sport or job 训练; 受训: He mustn't drink beer; he's in strict training for his next fight. 他不能喝啤酒, 他正在为下次比赛进行严格训练. `training-college n (Brit) college that trains people for a trade or profession 专科学校; 职业学院.