/ 5trAdVIk; `trAdVIk/ adj
causing great sadness, esp because extremely unfortunate or having terrible consequences 悲惨的; 悲痛的; 可悲的: a tragic accident, mistake, loss 可悲的事故﹑ 错误﹑ 损失 * Hers is a tragic story. 她的经历十分悲惨. * The effect of the pollution on the beaches is absolutely tragic. 污染海滩後果可悲. *It's tragic that he died so young. 他英年早逝令人悲哀.
[attrib 作定语] of or in the style of tragedy 悲剧的;悲剧风格的: one of our finest tragic actors 我们的最优秀的一个悲剧演员. > tragically / -klI; -klI/ adv: her tragically short life 她短暂得可悲的一生.