/ 5tCksIk; `tBksIk/ adj poisonous 有毒的: toxic drugs 毒药 * the toxic effects of alcohol 酒精的毒性.
> toxicity / tCk5sIsEtI; tBks`IsEtI/ n [U] quality or degree of being toxic 毒性; 毒力: the comparative toxicity of different insecticides 不同杀虫剂的相对的毒性.
toxicology / 9tCksI5kClEdVI; 9tBksI`kBlEdVI/ n scientific study of poisons 毒理学; 毒物学. toxicologist / -dVIst; -dVIst/ n student of or expert in toxicology 研究毒理或毒物的人; 毒理或毒物学家.