/ 5tCpIk; `tBpIk/ n subject of a discussion, talk, programme, written work, etc 论题; 话题; 题目: a topic of conversation 交谈的话题 * Is drug abuse a suitable topic for a school debate? 把滥用麻醉药品问题当作学校辩论的题目是否合适?
> topical / -kl; -kl/ adj of current interest or relevance 目前受到注意的; 与当前有关的: a play full of topical allusions to well-known people 处处影射名人目前言行的一出戏. topicality / 9tCpI5klEtI; 9tBpI`kAlEtI/ n [U]. topically / -klI; -klI/ adv.