1 / tEUl; tol/ n
money paid for the use of a road, bridge, harbour, etc (道路﹑ 桥梁﹑ 港口等的)使用费, 通行费, 停泊费.
loss or damage caused by sth 某事造成的损失或毁坏: the death-toll in the earthquake, on the roads, after the massacre, ie the number of people killed 地震﹑ 交通事故﹑ 大屠杀的死亡人数.
(idm 习语) take a heavy toll/take its toll (of sth) cause loss, damage, etc 造成损失﹑ 毁坏等: The war took a heavy toll of human life. 这次战争夺去了许多人的生命. * Every year at Christmas drunken driving takes its toll. 每年的圣诞节都有醉酒驾车的伤亡事故.
# `toll-bridge n bridge at which a toll is charged 收费桥.
`toll-gate n gate across a road to prevent anyone passing until the toll has been paid (收费路上的)收费门.
`toll-house n house occupied by the person who collects tolls on a road, etc 收费亭; 收费所; 收费处.